Software Development Training Services by KanakDhara Software Developers

“Share your knowledge, its way to achieve immortality.”
-Dalia Lama

You never end learning and growing your knowledge base in the field of Information technology. We at KanakDhara consistently work to keep ourselves up with the latest development in the field of software development and software industry at large.

We believe knowledge increases with sharing, and with this motive we have started our software training division. At our Software Training Business Unit we provide training and certification courses to entry level freshers and experienced professionals. With our software training and certifications you can further your career in the field of Information technology and establish yourself with much more core strength of your concepts and knowledge. We provide training for latest and most promising current technologies like Big Data hadoop, Mobility, Mobile App Development, Android and iPhone App development, Web technologies, NoSQL Database technology, MongoDB, Oracle, Java Certifications etc.

We formulate our course to provide most of the exposure to all working features and facets of the technology. Our courses are designed to explore the technology and the domain in both theory as well as practice. Throughout the session of the course, attendees are expected to parallely work on portfolio application to explore the course in more depth and get hands on experience for the same.

We provide our training and certification courses across wide range of educational institutes as well as startup and established companies. Across educational institutes like colleges we provide training to under grads on various in trend technology and make them ready for the challenging world of Information technology. For under grad IT and Computer streams of engineering students we offer final year project sponsorship opportunities wherein we help the group of students in developing and working on their final year projects. We also offer internship opportunities to under grads so as to help then garner experience and exposure to industry.

As for companies, we schedule on premises training activities for various technologies and platforms so that they can get their team with sufficient knowledge and confidence as to work on any given platform. We also encourage companies especially startups to opt for latest tools, technologies and frameworks so that they can deliver most cutting products based on latest technology and can fully take advantage of new development paradigms. For our every software training program we specially formulate our course based on the background and needs of the attendees.

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