Hardware Solutions by KanakDhara Software Developers

A software solution is only as good as the hardware on which it is deployed. Intricate understanding of the hardware requirement for a software solutions, and developing and deploying solutions on most optimum hardware shall boost overall software performance by many folds. Proper understanding of the hardware and hardware scalability to support the software performance is of atmost importance in an end to end IT implementation.

With the inevitable importance of hardware solutions in success of any IT implementation services, we have ventured into Hardware solutions segment. Our consultants and expert hardware technicians work in close conjuction with client team and help them best implement their overall IT setup both in terms of hardware as well as software solution. After analyzing the client requirements and user load we provide client with most optimum hardware option.

Our hardware solutions includes range of hardware such has Desktop's, Laptops, PDA's, Server, Workstations, Networking equipments, UTM solutions, Firewall products, Networking solutions and much more. With our expertise in hardware and networking coupled with Software solutions we provide our clients with best possible combination of an art of state IT setup which is one most scalable, robust, and secure IT implementation.

We specialize into setting up of Hardware Labs, Data center setup and maintenance, Hardware support and services, Networking and network expansion, Custom hardware assembling and delivery and much more.

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