Partner Program at KanakDhara Software Developers

Our partners are an extension and are an integral part of business organizations. Our partners play a important role in global reach for our products and services and represent us across the globe. Our exposure and expertise with latest tools and technologies and insights into various business domains provide our clients with an highly reliable and an effective channel to rely upon the needs of their clients and serve them with best effort services.

With our software products and services combined with programs designed to support your business growth, help generate new opportunities, increase profitability and close deals more quickly. Our partner program includes Reseller and Channel partnerships. Read on to know more about our various partnership programs and how you can apply for the same.

Reseller Partners

Our Reseller Partners work with our consultants and help us resell our various products developed for range of domains like education and healthcare, Retail and banking, Sales and Marketing, Media and Business Management and Custom Software solutions.

Our products has been designed with close collaboration with our clients and exploration of various business domains. Our Products are designed with great robustness and efficency to handle various issues faced in day to activities of the business at hand. We provide uniform access to data in role based manner from range of devices like mobile phones and tablets to PC and large screen device. We use mobile responsive design technology in our products which enables us to provide access to our products with any internet connected device.

Our applications are designed to provide meaningful insights into business and augment with business development and management. Clients can use our products and rely upon our Business Intelligence Technology embedded within our products. All our products are self learning and improvise with more and more client engagement. As for our business partners we offer ready to deploy solutions which our partners can resell to their clients and develop a highly profitable and sustainable business model at very marginal up front cost and time to start or expand their Software Ventures.

Channel Partners

Our Consultants work in close collaboration with our Channel partners to expand the reach of our services like Custom Application Development, Website Development and Hosting, Text and Voice SMS gateway and marketing, Mobile Application Development, Software Development Training services and IT Consultancy Services. Like our Reseller Partners we serve our Channel Partners too with our exclusive experience and indepth exploration of various domains and technologies.

Our Partners can leverage upon our experience that we have generated with years of experience of working with our clients and that of our consultants. For working with clients bought in by our Channel partners, our Consultants work in close conjuction with client as well as our channel partner. We analysis upon the client requirement and provide them with an concrete plan and Software blue print for their requirements.

Thereafter the whole product development process is followed as per the Industry Standard. Our close communication with our channel partners and clients enable us to achieve our target of 100% client satisfaction and provide them with an custom tailor made service that can best handle all their requirements.

Who can be our Partner?

We always look forward to work and connect with similar and like minded business professionals. For our Partner program, we consider individual and/or companies and existing business vendors. Any individual or organization looking to expand in the field of IT softwares and services can be our Partners.

We believe in faster processing keeping away with unnecessary and lengthy paper work. This not only slow downs the entire process but also add for unnecessary delays in work. While we strongly believe Time is money, this undue delays can lead to loss of business at both ends. With having said all this we have very simple and small and yet very stringent set of requirements for our Partner Program.

To apply for our Partner Program you must have
Established Business reputation in your area of work.
Potential Contact base and reach so as to maximize your opportunities with us.
Resources to engage in proper Business and Marketing strategies.
Ability to be able to sell products and Services.

We shall be more then obliged and delighted to welcome you in our team. To be our partners drop a line to us on our representatives shall get in touch with you at the earliest.

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