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KanakDhara Software Developers was established in 2012. Since our inception in 2012, we have been working closely with our clients to empower them with custom software solutions. We have worked in close collaboration with our clients have integrated functions that can best handle various short comings and issues in range of business. Custom Software development and close association with our clients is the key to our business and development philosophy. Unique selling preposition for our establishment is

“We alter our product to suit your business and not your business to suit our product”

With close analysis and exploration we have worked with diverse clientele across various domains like Retail and Health Care, Governance, Event Management, Education and Banking, Sales and Services, Company Management, Manufacturing and Network Management, Marketing and Publication Management, Print and Media and others.

We got your back for

Customized Software Development.

Mobile Application Development.

Software Consultancy.

SMS & Voice SMS Gateway and Marketing.

Online Payment Gateway Services.

IT Software Training Services.

Our mission

Our Mission is to develop interconnected system all accessible just by a click of button across various forms of devices. We wish to empower our clients to enable to use our solutions and data within software not only for generating various business reports, but augment our application in their business decision making process and help them take informed decisions in time based on various data analysis techniques.

We develop our applications with mobile responsive technologies. Our applications are designed to be accessible 24x7 from our secure server to provide our clients with immediate access to data. We map your business process into our software application and based on the analysis of data within application provide you with meaningful insights and business reports.

A simple case study can be considered for banking industry. Typically every bank store the data of their client. This is usually data related to the identity of the client and his transaction and business with bank (Typically loans and investments in case of banks). Banking sectors faces a single biggest loss in form of Non Performing Assets (NPA). This is usually when a client takes loan from bank and is not able to repay the same. Timely indetification of NPA for a bank can help banks from saving on various losses or shall atleast gurantee for minimum losses.

With our banking solution and analytical tools, we use the clients data with the software application to predict for a probable NPA. This probable list of NPA can be generated based on various parameters as set by authorized banking officials. Incase if any of the client exibits a behaviour as set for NPA, we inform the authorized designators in time. This officals can then in turn decide to act in the best interest of bank.

We implement self learning applications and design our applications to adapt with your business with time. Thus if our solutions like example above raises an NPA but the officials deny acknowledge the same, then our solution is able to introspect and with time reduce the rate of false alerts being generated. Thus with time your business as well as our application empowering your business both improve and adapt to new and improved level of management.

Our Development Methodology

Software Development methodology at KanakDhara Software Developers. SDLC at kanakdhara software developers

Above is an standard pictorial representation for Software Development Life Cycle. We always follow and use standard work practices at our business. For all the software development projects we work as per the above pictorial manner.

Requirement Analysis

Every Software Development project starts with Requirement Analysis. Here a brief requirements for the project are evaluated by extensive brainstorming and QA sessions between our consultants and the end Client. Based on the same, various details like scope and specification of project, deployment infrastructure, Software Requirement Specifications (SRS), and project Milestones are set up.

Requirement analysis is one of most important phase in software development. All the requirements explicitly conveyed and indirect requirements and features as to be added to the project scope are defined and milestones for the same are to set. Our consultants take every possible measure and work to cover up for as many requirement and features as possible. This helps in doing away with issues and difficulties in later stages of the project.


Next stage of the delivery and development is software designing. Based on the requirement analysis and features as set to be added into the application and project scope, we start designing your software application. We first setup a wire frame of the project and use the same as Proof of Concept (PoC) for our work. This gives a clear representation of the features, access and usability of the product.

Based on the PoC and requirement analysis we also deisgn and provide various other documents like SRS, Project blue prints, Milestone breakup, delivery and feature charts and others. These documents effectively help us track the overall progress of project and take preventive measures to avoid delays.


Followed by an extensive phase of Requirement analysis and designing, we start with implementing the software. On receiving system design documents, the work is divided in modules/units and actual coding is started. Since, in this phase the code is produced so it is of the main focus for the developer. This is the longest phase of the software development life cycle.


After the code is developed it is tested against the requirements to make sure that the product is actually solving the needs addressed and gathered during the requirements phase. During this phase unit testing, integration testing, system testing, acceptance testing are done. After through testing product is released to client feedback and evaluation. Based on client feedback we either reiterate the software development phases to cover up for the changes or integrate the module with the product.


For us at KanakDhara, real work starts only after the delivery of your work with us. After having developed your work and have it throughly tested against all requirements and formal client acceptance for the same, we conclude our software development work. There after based on the mode of delivery we deliver you your application as per the SRS and delivery document.

After having product delivered and installed successfully as per the project plan, we follow with the client training and after sales part of our work. Based on your subscription of support we provide you various support services like Training, deployment, security, enhancements etc.

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